Friday, June 29, 2012


They embraced each other tightly by a warm stare as silence hung in the midst of thin air.

"I'm sorry," he apologised.

"It's okay."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion On Campus

*Hey, you dusty little thingy!*

Hey you, readers!

Haven't been writing on le blog much, since that Twitter is le new blog. As in black is the new pink. *Or is it?* Pfffffttt. I'm big on simile, metaphors, hyperbole and such nowadays. Even when they are irrelevant. This is the effect of watching The OC, the drama bitch inside of me surfaces. Not that I am complaining about it, though.

A little drama is good right now. It is the third week of a new semester, hence no exam pressure. I have one boyfriend who I am not sharing with anyone and as far as I am concerned, I am currently stalker-free. Dull dull dull dull. Life is a giant lump of dullness.

*Again, with the metaphors.* -___-'

Well, anyways, what I was intending to write about is........TARAAAAA..... *drumroll* FASHION ON CAMPUS!

So here's the deal. Girls in IPTA think that IPTS girls can dress as slutty as they would like, come to class and not freeze their ass off in the fully air-conditioned campus. Whereas girls in IPTS think that IPTA students wear Baju Kurungs on a daily basis.

I've attended both IPTA and IPTS, so note that, this makes me *somehow* unbiased. I've walked in both shoes, and the above statement is an almost factual stereotype. IPTS girls wear bikinis, IPTA girls wear baju kurungs.

When I was in Sunway University, I didn't think that all IPTA students wear baju kurungs on a daily basis because I have lots of friends in UiTM. Despite that, most of my Sunway mates didn't have friends in UiTM. Then I went to UiTM Kuala Pilah, stuck with the knowledge that most Sunway chicks wore almost nothing to class and seeing with my own two eyes that not all of UiTM students wore baju kurungs on a daily basis, *still they had to stick to certain guidelines called as Sahsiah RupaDiri.*

And then, I went to MSU.

Being in MSU is like being stuck in the middle of Sunway Uni and UiTM. I was like a confused a little child. What can I wear and what should I leave hanging in the closet? Questions, questions, no answers. There was no clear guideline, yet there were no girls letting their butts freeze off in the library.

So far, my fashion transition consisted of :
1. from skinnies to skinnies/leggings.


And that's about it. I wore one of those platform sandals/flip flops thingy once. The next day, there was a department assembly and the Head of Department said that we weren't supposed to wear flip flops. I was like oh-man-demmit-fashion-transition-attempt-number-two has failed! T__T

In addition to that, I've had a few lecturers complaining that we should not come to class looking like models. I absolutely do not agree on this. What do you expect us to wear? Baju kurungs? Ill-fitted blouses tucked into mom jeans or something? Are we supposed to make sure that we are dressed kampung-ish before we go to class? I am not on the same page with those lecturers. They can wear whatever they like. I don't give a damn about their 2-inches worth of heels, I have no issues with their shoes, therefore they shall have no issues with mine. *Hey it rhymes!*

This was until I saw this girl, climbing the stairs, wearing a pair of boots which looks like retarded brogues with fringes, skin-tight jeans, supposedly-maybe an oversized/bulky orange blazer with leopard print accents and her long blonde hair let down. It was a disturbing image. Seriously. Nobody should wear those things, together, on campus. To be honest I don't think anyone should wear those things, together, anywhere.

So, now, I'm on the same page with the lecturers. Lets not look like models coming to class. Better yet, lets not look like model-wannabes on campus, shall we?