Monday, January 16, 2012

Seriously, Please.

Ada orang tak kaya, tapi nampak mahal. *Uhum.* Ada orang kaya, tapi nampak biasa. Biasa, as in not standing out, bland and safe. Tapi, that is okay lagi. Macam mana pulak yang kaya tapi...err...blergh?

Style and Money are not on the same chapter. Designer high-end labels and Money, yes. Style and Money, no. *Emphasizing!*

There are some of us who are not blessed with financial wealth, instead, blessed with a sharp sense of style and intense passion for fashion. There are some of us who are rich as shit but do not have the sense of style.

I know a few girls who only wear designer and high-street labels. Rich as fuck. Sekali masuk satu store habis sampai lima, enam ratus. Pergi pasar malam lecak lecak, lenjan sandal Nine West. Pergi class lanyak bag DKNY.

Isn't she a sweetheart?*Drools.*

Tapi orang still panggil dia mak cik. Dah style dia memang macam mak cik. Pakailah barang mahal macam mana pun. Another friend of mine pulak, semua orang tau dia load gila. Her driver would drive her around in BMWs, Benzes, etc. Her cellphone(s): Blackberry Bold 4, Iphone 4, Samsung Galaxy Note. Senang cerita, apa kau dengar baru launch kat news dua malam lepas, itulah yang dia pakai. But then semua orang asyik, 'Ah, she's so sweet. She's so humble' sebab baju dia memang tak stand out. Orang ingat dia pakai baju murah murah je sebab dia humble, down to earth. Haha. Get real lah doe. Tak adanya orang kaya nak beli baju kat Brands Outlet Store or Kedai Hari-Hari. Baju kosong bosan dia yang macam macam colour tu ada Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, semua ada. Jeans dia yang cutting bukan bukan tu ada Roxy, Miss Selfridge, etc.


Ada jugak orang yang boleh afford to look good tanpa perlu spend banyak duit. Bila nak beli barang yang ada label, tunggu masa sale, cari pre-loved goods online atau rapat rapatla dgn orang yang kerja kat store tu. *Clears my throat.* Bukannya mustahil nak dapat baju Topshop at the price of RM30. Dan biasa nya, orang yang rajin nak stylo mylo akan suka label. Automatic bila orang tanya, "Cantik baju! Beli kat mana?" Mestilah akan jawab "Kat Forever 21." Bukannya, "Aku beli kat Mid Valley je." A label can define one's sense of a fashion.

Biasanya orang yang pakai Roxy, agak simple. Tak suka nak put in much effort tapi still nak look cute yet sporty. Sebab Roxy banyak t-shirts and sweaters. Orag yang pakai Guess pulak, loves to look hot and sexy. Guess outfits selalunya plunging neckline, form-fitting, kilat-kilat. So orang yang concerned about her fashion sense and how the clothes she puts on reflects her personality, label is important. Label is a definition of style. Bukannya setakat nak tunjuk banyak duit aje. Therefore, tak semestinya orang yang cakap, "Baju I mostly Topshop," dia nak berlagak. It could simply mean that she likes quirky things.

So, open up your mind. Jangan cepat sangat nak tuduh orang berlagak kaya.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just an Update About My Current Being.

I have nothing much to say really. Just miss blogging, I guess. *Or simply procrastinating from studying.*

I'm currently in exam mode. *Midsem exam, y u no finish early?* Creative Thinking, IT and Presentation Skills were all crazy-hard it is driving me up the wall. Just finished Critical Thinking at 12.30pm. Left the hall 30 minutes early. Thank God, it was okay. I think I did great. *Narcissistic much?* Sitting for Psychology tomorrow and Academic Writing on Sunday. I'm still wondering why the hell is MSU giving me one day break before Academic Writing. Y U no give me break before IT?

Okayyy. I just wrote a whole paragraph about the exam. Obviously, I don't have a life. Oh my, how I miss going to school and not having a care in the world. Well, except for SPM but that is just about it. Clear, glowing, youthful skin. No weight-gain issues. I didn't have to think about savings for my wedding, impressing potential mother-in-law, names I wanna give my kids, etc.

I can't help but to think about getting married. It is not that I am so miang-sangat-nak-kahwin. *Or maybe I am, afterall. Teehee.* It is just that, when you look at it, getting married is the next stage in life. When you were in the kindergarten, you looked forward to primary school. When you were 12, you looked forward to going to high school and dating senior boys. *Blussshing!* When you are 20...ooops 21, you are looking forward to well, graduating and getting a job and getting married, ain't it?

I'm the eldest anyway so that adds up the pressure to get married and conceive ASAP. haha.

Speaking of the future, as for education-wise, I still can't decide whether if I'm going to stick with TESL or going for corporate communication for my Degree. You know you can't afford those pretty Gucci handbags by teaching English, you knowww what I'm sayin'? *Ghetto slang sket.* You might be thinking, why is this introvert interested in corporate communication? Honestly, I have a passion for PR. Haha. Maybe that is why I enjoy working in Starbucks so much. As much as I hate talking, the pride and joy after successfully persuading a customer to spend more than he/she had intended to and the bliss of helping customers to choose the right bean for their morning coffee is just so addictive. Okay, so maybe, I like talking. Sometimes. Haha. And I like bossing people around at work. Double haha.

That's all for now. Signing off!