Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Apple.

 I didn't buy an IPhone or an IPod or a Macbook. This is simply an entry about me, now smelling like a caramel-dipped apple.

I have stumbled upon this great bargain when this guy approached me while I was having my lunch/dinner at Subway with my bestfriends, sister and her bestie.

The Candy Apple collection is limited and they are clearing out their stock. I got the perfume at 80% off. This is a present for myself for being such a... doing so good in my exam. Haha. To be honest I am just looking for an excuse to indulge.

Fragrance is simply my weakness. Some people obsess over shoes. Some people obsess over everything. *Well the ones who can afford it or simply do not have style and too much money to spend.* I obsess over smelling good and lotions.

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