Friday, November 25, 2011

Under a Pile of Rocks.

It was harder for her to breathe. Having asthma didn't help with her severe case of nervousness. She was breathing like she was lying under a big pile of rock.

He turned his head slowly to check on her. He was so eager to lay his eyes upon her face yet so scared to see her out of breath. Was the girl beside her dying? He spread out a slow smile as her face glowed in his eyes, glad to see the girl happily watching the movie even though she was obviously striving hard to get oxygen into her lungs.

"Are you okay?" he asked her calmly, wanting so bad to cuddle her, help her to breathe evenly.

"Why wouldn't I?" she shot back dismissively. 

"Just checking." He returned his eyes back to screen unwillingly. This was the first time he had ever seen her skin under such dim lighting. It was glowing like porcelain, so smooth like silk. He struggled not to stroke her cheeks.

Of course there was nothing more that he would rather want than to lay his hands on those peach-like cheeks but wasn't the act of cheek stroking special for lovebirds only? They were not in love so that would not be the right thing to do.

They were not in love. They were in lust and that was it, he tried to reassure himself.

Maybe I'm simply too much of a gentleman to not have the tendency to be kind and loving towards her. There is no way I could be falling in love. 

Sophie placed the bucket of popcorn under her seat and dug out her Topshop tote for a packet of Kleenex. She slowly wiped of the caramel off her fingers, trying to figure out what to do next. She had already managed to force herself through a large bucket of popcorn in order to blow out the awkwardness that was floating between them.

What was she supposed to do next? What else can she do now that her stomach is all blown up with popcorn? Should she lay her head on his chest? Or was that too slutty for a first date? Should she wait for him to make the first move instead?

But he is too damn slow!

She had to calculate her acts carefully in order to not appear as if she was falling in love like a high school girl and she sure as hell did not want to appear slutty either. It was starting to get on her nerves, the fact that she had to plan out her movements and gestures around him. She did not have to think of anything when she is around her boyfriend. Everything just flowed naturally and that is her favourite part about being beside her boyfriend. That is why he is her true soul mate.

Being around Zarul was so restrictive. She was literally suffocating just from sitting beside him and ironically, that was her favourite part about being with him. The breathlessness, the tense she had not felt since God knows when.

Sophie missed the feeling of falling in love.

Angry at her own thoughts, she threw the crumpled tissue in her hand into the empty bucket under her seat. How could she possibly fall in love with Zarul if she had already imprinted on her boyfriend. They imprinted on each other like werewolves. They had been through so much hell and nothing had torn them apart. They were inseparable. Their bond was invincible.

Her breathing was totally out of tune, Zarul was starting to lose his breath himself. He reached out for her hand, hoping that would help her calm down. Help her breathe like a normal homosapien.

That was the first time they had properly touched each other, exchanged body heat. She was overwhelmed with sudden rush of lust. Her thoughts of falling in love was rapidly swept away with her passion to climb over him.

Oh yeah,baby. This is most definitely not falling in love.


  1. is this base on true story or any of experience? :) sounds cool

  2. kenapa most of the male characters in your writings named zarul?

  3. an exaggerated long-time-ago story la babe. ahhaha

  4. cik farihin: saya tak tahu kenapa tetapi sesungguhnya say sangat cintakan nama itu. kalau aku jumpa laki nama zarul, tak kisah buruk ke, aku nak die jugak. hahhhaa

  5. omg fie , ur soo good la !

    tak sangka u can write like this , lokking forward on reading more of ur entry , good luck . miss ya!

  6. hahaha. nat, u mmg suke kan cite scandal2 ni i tau.

    dedicating my next post to u coz i miss you too!