Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Angel on the Wall.

It had been three long, supremely antagonizing days since his first official date with Sophie. Zarul was torn. He was stretched from every angle there was in his life. If this suddenly hectic lifestyle was not going to cease very soon, he was sure he would need to start using anti-ageing products.

A group of topless men walked into the scene as Zarul was wandering about what anti-ageing product would be good for him, staring hopelessly at the blank wall until the topless men started to get a giant frame of art on it.

“Wait up! This wasn’t what I asked for,” he called out, calling a halt to his silent comparison between Lab Series and Kiehl’s.

All of the topless men started to groan and sigh. Clear resentment for their boss was shown all over their face and-their bodies. This was the millionth time that Zarul had claimed that there were mix-ups in the decoration that he had ordered for the restaurant.

The Palace was Tan Sri Zainudin’s latest investment for Zarul’s future. It was supposed to be a sophisticated restaurant serving gourmet food, prepared specifically according to the customers’ request. The food at The Palace was supposed to be like couture, without all the fabrics involved. 

Before he was dumped by Tasya, Zarul had never had any interest in the projects or businesses his father had given him to handle. He would do as what he was told and nothing else. No extra effort, no interest and most definitely, no passion to push him to he limit but being with Amy had compelled him to look at things from a different standpoint. It was the standpoint of a man who is planning for the time ahead. Being Mr. Amy had bent him into a very single-minded and determined, even somehow fanatical at times when it comes to work.

Now that his heart was constantly aching on and on about Sophie, he was starting to fall off track. He cannot even decide on the wall arts, let alone sign on the final decision for the menu. He could smell Sophie’s scent every single time he took in a deep breath. It was bugging him but in a good kind of way. It did distract him at work but it sure as hell had helped release his happy hormones.

He took in a deep breath, taking in Sophie’s scent in his mind. It was something like musk, vanilla and chocolate mixed up together. The scent of an angel.

Zarul’s face suddenly lit up. His eyes were all suddenly rounded. “Put the painting up,” he said, smiling at the painting of a woman with feathery wings. An angel like Sophie.

The group of topless men rejoiced. They quickly started to get the painting up the wall before Zarul change his mind again.

Zarul’s Iphone vibrated in his hands. He glided his fingers on it.

From: Sophie 013
I think I miss you.

He quickly called Sophie’s number, hoping hard that she would pick up in an instant. She didn’t let him down. She never did.

“I think I miss you too,” he said as Sophie answered.

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