Friday, November 25, 2011

Sweet Talk and Cream Puffs.

He hit the snooze button on his fancy, talking, Japanese alarm clock again. Turning around in his bed, struggling not to pick up his IPhone 4S and punched the delicate numbers on his vast expanse of screen. His mind was flooded with images of the girl he went out with last night and he is desperate to hear her voice.

But calling her so early in the morning would be a falling-in-love act, wouldn't it?

He knew exactly how she would sound if she was to answer his call that morning. Her voice had always sound so velvety in the morning. Velvety and creamy like cream puffs. Her tone would be so mesmerizing he would quickly fall back into a deep sleep just to dream about her.

There was suddenly a loud set of knocks on his door. "Hey, you are supposed to go to Seremban today! Wake the hell up!"

Zarul did not bother to answer his brother.

"I know dreaming about Sophie is much more fun than to drive all the way to Seremban but Abah would kill you for that!" Zaquan continued in the most annoying sing-song tone he could.

Go out with her and come back home the next morning without a smile as if she means nothing to you. Prove to me it is just about the physical connection.

Zaquan's words yesterday popped up in his mind.

One of the things he hate about being a man is most definitely the giant-sized ego he had to carry. Being one of the three pampered heirs of Tan Sri Zainuddin surely had never helped him to tone down his ego.

He had unwillingly called Sophie and asked her to the movies just to prove to his personal-space-intruder of a brother that he was not falling for the girl whom he had bullied for almost a year and a half. He was supposed to date and get the girl into bed and launch off to work the next morning. He needed to treat her like a one night stand in order to prove to Zaquan that he was not falling for Sophie.

Oh boy, didn't he miserably fail the challenge? And now he couldn't bring himself out of bed, let alone to face the smirk on Zaquan's face.

"I'm already up, Zaquan. Now you can go be a mom somewhere else!" He shouted back at his brother just to get rid of him.

"Open up the door!"

"Get lost! I'll see you downstairs!"

"Open your eyes, get off the bed and open up the door!"

Zarul jumped off his bed angrily, swearing under his breath. If he wasn't so distracted with the constant ringing of Sophie's voice in his ears he might have enough will to strangle Zaquan. He yanked his door open as he continued to swear.

"Wow! You're really awake!" Zaquan said in a high-pitched voice, all impressed with his brother. He invited himself into the room and launched himself on the bed. "It is 8.30 am," he continued as he threw a glance at the Japanese digital, voice-recognizing clock. "You would never get off bed before nine. Couldn't sleep last night, is it? Did my little brother wet himself in bed? "

"I haven't slept yet. I just came home," Zarul lied with a plain face. Zaquan better believed him or he would be his Zaquan's laughing stock for eternity.

"Did you sleep with Sophie?"

Zarul nodded his head casually, trying with every ounce of will not to smile at the thought of spending the whole entire night with pretty Sophie. If only he was strong enough last night, he knew he could have sweet-talked Sophie into bed but he could not do it. He just could not find the right words when he was Sophie. All his years of sweet-talking could not help him when it comes to Sophie. It was like when it was with Tasya all over again.

Oh, man!

He was just so nervous last night he had to sprint off his Audi A8 to Sophie's house right after the movie. There was no time for pitstops or he would have to force himself on her without going through the sweet-talking process first hand.

"What did you say to her?" Zaquan asked.

"You know, just the usual. You're so hot, you turn me on, random stuffs. Why do you care?"

"I just didn't think she would be so easy. You've been bullying her since her first day at the store. How could she possibly fall for your words that easily."

"The girl likes a man with power. Can you blame her for being normal?"

"You didn't do it, did you? You drove her home then crashed at Amy's didn't you?"

Zarul felt a frown line on his forehead but he was not going to break a sweat. He was not going to let his brother win this. "I'm just a guy and she's just a girl. I love a good game and she loves good company. That is the end of story. Get the hell out of my room!"

He felt as if his head was going to fall out of its place. All those talk about Sophie was driving him almost psychotic. As soon as Zaquan left his room, he quickly dialed for Sophie.

It was not long before there was an answer at the end of the line. The creamy voice murmured so softly to his ears before letting out a big yawn. "What time is it, Zarul?"

"Don't you have any classes?"

"I told you, my class starts at two, today. That is why we went out last night," Sophie answered so softly, almost singing. She couldn't help but to be all mushy.

"Okay then. You can go back to sleep. Sweet dreams," Zarul answered and got off the line.

He was about to kill himself for calling her. For asking her such a stupid question but first of all he had to take a shower and at least try to rinse off all the things Sophie-related in his mind. He needed to go to Seremban and check on his father's latest project. He needed to concentrate. He needed to not think about Sophie.

His phone rang and he hoped so badly that it was Sophie but he let out a slow sigh as he read the Caller ID. It was Amy, the exact good solid reason why she needed to stop thinking about Sophie. "Good morning, angel. How did you sleep last night?"

"You sound awake. That's a good surprise," Amy replied softly. She was always so soft but never as creamy as Sophie.


  1. oho ! got Amy up there haha :D
    nicely written fie , tulis lagi , i nak baca!
    Thank you ex-housemate !

  2. hahah.

    amy is the always-moping-around girl. jgn merajuk pulak eh i buat character name u mcmtu. ;p

    welcome biatch! (: